Contrary to all expectations this year is blessed with a sunny days and unusually warm month. High temperatures and burning sun herald welcoming spring and undoubtedly causes thoughts of new adventures out in every lover of nature. Bringing back warm clothes, take out short-sleeves, identified new destinations for visits home reds for next winter and cooling Rose and white wines. Open season on interesting weekend destinations.

Only 160 km from Sofia and 26 km from Plovdiv, nestled in the Rhodope collar Ustina village invites you to spend an unforgettable weekend away from the daily grind and oppressive atmosphere of the busy city. With its numerous proposals, the mouth is an attractive place for a variety of travelers, but they always have a common interest in beautiful nature. Weekend filled with a variety of activities that can be recharged with positive emotions even the most bored person …

Is it possible?
Let us convince you: Not because we are the most interesting sites in the region, but because we believe that after visiting the park vineyard Villa Yustina tower on top that magnificent view of the Rhodope Mountains themselves will want to put on your comfortable sports shoes and walk the eco-paths, towering above the village of mouth. With a length of 1.5 km cultivated eco-trail leads you to your starting point – the Chapel of St. George.

On my first climb was expecting a steep path, overgrown with bushes and not neglected the chapel. Fortunately, my expectations were proven wrong … Well maintained forest path, accessible even by a small child with widespread green meadows for picnic, places for rest even a small gazebo with fireplace … Love Tracks for solitude … waterfall … gorgeous waterfall, hidden from the main eco-path reminding of himself only by the sound of falling water, causing the interest of tourists and causing it to deviate from the path and go to the waterfall itself, and to get a few fresh mountain geraniums. The starting point of nature trails also suggest a small chapel, lovingly maintained by the inhabitants of the village Ustina regularly showered with flowers and giving an opportunity to light a candle before the icons. Impressive experience of the highest point in the region. Break at the small alcove at the top with breathtaking panoramic views. And soon will the lilacs bloom … The biggest enthusiasts can climb to the cross placed on a rock on top.


And that’s not all … others not so refined path of the old Roman road, starting from the initial point of the village. Untouched nature and remains from Roman times, talk about the history of the region. Thracian fortress Hissarluka, Byzantine fortress Yustina … And you can read them on our website What better than a glass of Rosé after a hard walk. You can now trust the Villa Yustina. You will meet friendly people, with respect to any visitor who loves the divine drink. Will increase your interest in the upcoming tasting tour the manufacturing facilities of the winery and the Enoteca. In the tasting room will offer you to try different wines, even from the last harvest 2013, backed by local dairy and meat appetizers. Will you tell us about the history of the region, for our park vineyard of our know-how in winemaking (not all) of our medals and our future plans. And if you think that you are not fully enjoy the area and you want to stay another day, you can take advantage of the guest house Villa Yustina for 6 people. For fans of fishing, we offers a small dam for fishing … Perhaps some will find your destination here, but we can interest you in our future plans.
You are welcome!