Wine is one of the most complex and interesting drinks on the planet that can be studied almost indefinitely. While most foods can be just delicious or not, wine can be understood and consumed as a supplement to food in a way that most other things can not.

In this sense, many people are interested and understand some basic guidance on combining wine with food: people usually combine red wine with red meats and white wines with lighter meats and desserts. However, there are countless more interesting insights which may be useful for particular types of meals and food, such as combining a Game(food) with wine. Fortunately, proper wine for those interesting combinations is available for everyone. We offer you some ideas for combining wine with Game meats borrowed from

Duck meat is interesting, in that it is generally classified as Game meat, but also is considered by many to be a light meal. However, somewhat her “game” taste restricts the consumption of that food with brighter or sweeter wines (including most white) as this will create a bad combination and wine will potentially be prevailed. There are several red wines, which are considered a good accompaniment to duck, as Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot – mostly medium to a powerful body. More fruity and lighter Cabernet Franc is also a good accompaniment.

Turkey(wild or domestic) – Turkey meat is complicated as it is white meat, but is considered by most people as a Game meat, unlike its counterpart birds – hens. It basically provides a character of the turkey such as slightly but still game meat, which means that it can advantageously be consumed by a light red and some white wines. For example, Pinot Noir and lighter terroir wines that carry a earthy tones are considered very good accompaniment to almost any game meats. However, white wines such as Chardonnay or Chablis also recommend with turkey as they are a bit more rich white wines and can support the turkey.

Big Game(food) – for a little more exotic meats like moose, buffalo and quail, people tend to rely on more powerful, stronger wines with powerful flavors that can support wild and exotic flavors. Cabernet Sauvignon, with its rich and powerful aromas and flavors is the most popular wine in combination with red meats and game meats. If you are wondering what wine to choose for rabbit, you can trust the Pinot Noir. Venison combines well with fruit and spicy Cabernet Sauvignon or Franc and Zinfandel is best suited for buffalo. For boar meat can taste Cotes du Rhone, with its raspberry fruit flavors, spicy notes and vanilla, but for ostrich dish can trust Syrah. Wild cock combine with Chenin Blanc or Chardonnay, and meat from pheasant choose Syrah. Our sincere advice when choosing wine for the Game(food) dinner to bet on terroir pure varietal wines that bear the character of its region. Cheers!